He tried to get rid of the ants.

I want you to stop.

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Prepair yourselves, for the end is near.

Why didn't you leave me a note?

Socorrito isn't the only one here that can speak French.

Do you know what is referred to?

I've been here for three hours.


Push the red button if something strange happens.

He was the first man to climb Mt. Fuji in the winter.

I'm glad you introduced me to Sedovic.

Don't slip.

Ramneek pointed at the coin on the floor.


You have my sympathies.

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Michael Jackson has passed away.

The teacher made the students learn the long English poem by heart.

I understand your feelings and thoughts even without words.

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Great minds think alike.

Marnix is on the lacrosse team.

Most home buyers have very little imagination.

Trying to secede from the mainland, the fissiparous polities has been causing serious problems to the central authority.

Please stop that right now.

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I want to see her very much.

I think it would be beyond the scope of the bill as it presently exists.

Read the message once more.

I keep on forgetting that it has a touchscreen so I'm always selecting the wrong things!

Your breath stinks.

We must give it time.

Everybody looked fantastic today.

Who gave me all that money?

The death of the Mamonas Assassinas undoubtedly marked the history of Brazilian music.

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I think Roger left.

He went there in person.

Their influence becomes greater every day, but they are uncreative and can't make value judgements.

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If he succeeds, Americans will lose credibility.

I have nothing more to say on the subject.

He came in fifth in the race.

Did you hurt your back?

Don't delete this file.


I can't apply my mind to anything with all that noise!

Dan judged the plan impossible.

What you're suggesting doesn't sound like it'll work.


I just couldn't help myself.

I thought Laurel would want to know.

Sandip and I see each other every day at school.

I always see him when he comes to Madrid.

You can borrow my car until you make enough money to buy your own car.

How did it feel when it happened?

I told you to do it.

Just hearing Spanish makes me feel warmer and takes my mind off the freezing cold I'm experiencing right now.

I don't believe that at all.

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Thanks for everything, Space.

Is everything arranged for the trip?

Let's call him.

Shall we walk or drive?

This is really interesting.


Now we're in business.

I don't know how long we've got.

I need 100 shekels.

An increasing number of American parents are opting to home-school their children.

"Did you like his music?" - "No, did you?"


Phil used to be friendly.


Dan didn't even comment on Linda's picture.


I'm going to visit Kevyn in the hospital.


But I'm a toon. Toons are supposed to make people laugh.


Ah, the coffee is really hot!

Whatever others think of me, I don't mind at all.

He breathed his last peacefully this morning.

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I entered this school two years ago.


Herve has been receiving death threats.

For whom do the bells toll?

I needed a little air.

The tree breaks the wind.

My friend goes to the library to study.


Barney can't go shopping today.

We have to call her.

Where is the Israeli embassy?


Can you give us a hand?


My knowledge about Japanese is not that good yet.

Caleb has been like this all week.

The blood test is normal.

Save money for a rainy day.

We go to school to learn.


They are in a scientific laboratory.

I'm retiring.

Does it stop at Kolkata?

"I can't start the engine." - "Let me have a go."

I can work late tonight if you need me to.


He saw a light far away.

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The island is six times the size of Manhattan.

What did you read?

I don't know what to buy.

I think I agree.

This will be fun.


I really like cookies n' cream ice cream.

That was my understanding.

I know what it was.

He has gotten better, so he'll soon be able to leave the hospital.

Where's my desk?

Debbie likes peppermint chocolate.

You know that.

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You just need a good rest.


Singapore has one big problem.


I don't feel like doing that right now.

Can you tell wolves from dogs?

On the Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, we visit our grandparents and do nice things for them.

If you want to sound more like a native speaker of American English, watch more American TV programs and fewer British TV programs.

I just want to leave.

Tricia is obviously a mental case.

Write me an email if you feel like it.


The door is shut fast.


Rafik drinks way too much.

I need to take Roxana to the hospital.

What exactly do you do for fun?

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I just went out for a run.

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The cupboard is near the fridge.

Thad visited Boston.

This is a magic wand.

Clara is coming back from Australia next week.

The only room available is a double.

The car is parked in front of the building.

I don't understand much about it.

You've underestimated her.

Would you like to play a game?

I wrote a wrong address on the envelope.

Are you thinking about them?

Wisdom was not created from books, but books were created from wisdom.

You simply don't understand.

He put all his heart and soul into it.

What have you told Ben?


The teacher took forever to answer this question.

Jochen didn't tell me what the matter was.

That may not be liked by everybody, but it is a fact.

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My makeup has washed off.

In many places it isn't legal to walk a dog on the beach.

Ernie showed me how to use his camera.

The future scares me too much.

The largest prime number doesn't exist.

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You may have a point.

Valeria sings well.

Pitawas told me you'd be here.

I wonder when I'll wake up tomorrow.

They shed their blood for their independence.


Blaine has no such problem.


I think it's obvious.

The Romans would never have had the chance to conquer the world if they had first been required to study Latin.

Ram and I don't get along with each other.

Take no prisoners.

I've got them working on it.


I'm glad that the rain has stopped.

In hindsight, this was a mistake.

Put some ice on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

Gil is a successful businessman.

This rose is very beautiful.

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Have you told Jeffery about what happened?

You're as pale as a ghost.

How long's Mick been here?


It's a lot easier to fall in love than to stay in love.

What was Phiroze afraid of?

Does Marnix know anything about that?